Loki's Scepter 2.0

Problem Statement

In most of the sci-fi movies or fictional movies, they show some tricks but rarely provide any sort of explanation for how its done. So, with this capstone project, we intended to pick a fictional character and their gadget and build a screen for it to explain certain scenes from the movie.

We chose fictional characters and fictional gadgets to avoid and eliminate the preferential bias we might have if the gadget or the person is real.


9 weeks



Key Goal

This is a capstone project to learn various processes and methods of UX research , UX design and prototyping.

My Responsibilities

I was the only one working on this project. I am supposed to carry out the research, gather all the relevant data and design a screen for the selected gadget and at the end of the semester I had to present a 2 minute video of the user using the "upgraded gadget" along with the screen to demonstrate it's abilities.

My Process

Week 1 - Data Gathering

I collected the data about Loki from various sources - movies, comics and wikipedia. Also, as Loki is one of the most famous characters in the MCU, there are many fandom pages with tons of information. This helps me to better connect with the user empathetically. (Also, the marvel fanboy in me was very happy)

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.38.57

Week 2 - Brainstorming

To better understand Loki and how would he react and behave in certain scenarios like interact with a new technology, I acted out various tasks both individually and in group and made an empathy map and a mind map to figure out different ways to provide a solution. This gave me a better understanding of Loki from first person perspective (individual brain storming) and second person perspective (group brain storming)

Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 12.13.35

Week 3 - Task Analysis

Loki have a lot of powers and he can do a lot of stuff but for the scope of this project, I picked three tasks Loki would do and analysed them step by step to understand the intricate steps involved. This would help me better design the natural interaction to the screen on Loki’s scepter.

Loki-Makingof 2
Frame 1
Loki-Makingof 3

Week 4 - Low Fidelity Prototyping

After finalizing the ideas, when its time to test the functionality, I started sketching a solution. Paper prototypes helped me to evaluate the ideas in the early stages of my design and also its very fun to sketch on paper.

pm app -7

Week 5 - Medium Fidelity Prototyping

After an idea is formed on the location and operation of the screen on the scepter, I sketched it out on paper and tested my ideas with classmates and updated the design. This helped me to define the interactions that can possibly happen on the final prototype and now that its starting to take shape, it's really good to see the progress. 


Week 6 - Story boarding & Video Sketches

I used Adobe premiere Pro to make my videos, I used this tool because I can use illustrator files easily in it and also it has a vast variety of video and audio effects that I can use in my videos. This helped me to be familiar with the tool.


Week 7 - Special FX & Final Prototype

I used inbuilt audio and video Fx in Adobe Premiere Pro and also I have installed a free plugin from FxFactory that enabled me to use FX like shake effect. This helps to create the illusion and the prototype will be as close to the real one as possible. Here is the final prototype

Outcomes & Learnings

• I understood the vital role of bias played in designing any product. We chose a fictional character for this exercise to avoid the preferential bias but the marvel fanboy in me created a different type of bias.

• I understood the importance of research and analysis before framing any ideas.

• I got a better understanding of various methods and processes that we can use in design and research.

• I realized that in short video prototypes like this its better to get straight to the point instead of talking about it.

• Also, the music, visuals, interations and FX keeps the audience hooked to watch and complete the video.

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