UI Design

Messaging App


This was a daily challenge to design a messaging app in 24 hours.


Many messaging apps out there in the market are facing a group messaging problem – an easy way to reach out to the participants in the group. It’s hidden inside the settings and not accessible to all the users easily. I wanted to address this problem and design an easy way to access an individual participant’s contact information.



If someone wanted to dm one of their classmates in a group of 40 people on Whatsapp (for example), they have to follow a series of steps.
– They have to click on the group name (not on the picture) to see all the info.
– Scroll down to see all the members of the group.
– Search for the member you were looking to dm among those 40 others.
– Click on their name to open up a menu.
– Select the option ‘send message’ from the menu to reach out to them personally.

So, It requires a minimum 5 clicks/jumps to reach out to any member of the group. Imagine your friend mentioned some important material for the class in the group and you wanted to reach out to them personally regarding that material and going through all these jumps could be tedious and exhausting. So, Our main goal is to reduce the number of jumps a user takes to finish their task.


Usually, I would go with sketches after developing use cases and set certain design goals but since I did not have much time in this project, I moved on to wire framing. I prefer doing my wire frames in Keynote, so we do not have to worry about pixel perfect designs and focus more on the functionality of the design.


What another way to better tell a story than to show. So I made a prototype