Medium Claps


I have tried to design a new way to implement the ‘claps’ and ‘undo claps’ for the articles that are posted on the popular reading platform Medium.


Medium has changed the way we appreciate the authors. They have introduced a new concept called ‘claps’. Readers can clap if they want to appreciate the author and the article. They can also remove the previously given claps too. Clapping is a very natural way of appreciating someone or some article rather than liking it or swiping it. But I realized the way they implemented it is not entirely realistic because nobody counts the number of claps they give you when they want to appreciate you unless there is money involved. Based on my research, they’ve monetized the claps. Authors get paid based on the number of claps they receive for a particular article and one user can give only upto 50 claps.



It’s a lengthy process if someone wants to appreciate me for an article that I wrote on medium. They have to tap that clap button multiple times in order to give me multiple claps or they have to keep holding the button until they reach the number of claps that they want to give me.

At the same time, if they want to remove the number of claps that they have given me, they have to click on the share icon and select the option ‘undo claps’. which will reset the whole count (atleast on iOS devices)


I started sketching to find an easy way to give claps or remove claps for a particular article. They are shown in the screenshots below. I finalized on the second design because it is the most natural way of all of them. Third and fifth designs are also easy but the horizontal movement is limited compared to the vertical movement on a cellphone. First and sixth designs are entirely different concepts from the way they implement the clapping now.


I started with wireframes to visualize my idea and also, to divide the information among the screens.