About Me

I am an User Experience / Product Designer. I am skilled at finding and defining problems, developing a bigger picture by analyzing the problem from multiple perspectives. I love sketching, wire-framing and building prototypes. I get excited about mobile interactions and experiences as it has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

In my next role, I would love to work with an in-house product team so I can be part of the product from inception till production.


My Process

I stick to the universal double diamond approach when solving any problem. But there are a bunch of fundamental questions that I ask to incorporate in those phases across multiple methodologies.

Frame 13

This helps me to understand the problem clearly to make sure we are solving a genuine problem. Once we got that down, that usually gives us the measurement of success. This is usually part of Discover phase.


This is to understand the user we are solving the problem for. Talk to people, conduct interviews, surveys that can lead us to a theme in who is going to use this product. This is usually part of Define phase.


This is to understand why we are building the product / solving the problem. Methods like Competitive analysis to understand what the competition are doing., CJM, observations)


This helps us understand how to solve the problem (IA maps to see if we can improve anything, story boards + cjm to make the experience better, user story mapping to figure out the features to include

My Story

I’m fascinated by building things since i was a kid. I remember taking apart some of my older non-working toys to figure out the problem and in the process learning how they built it. I believe my passion for analysis has come from that trait. I truly believe in what Albert Einstein said “Problem Finding is a lot harder than problem Solving”.

Solving Sudoku is one of my favourite past time. In sudoku when placing a number in a particular position, we need to think about a lot of possibilities from various directions and I learnt that when we are defining a problem, it is imperative that we need to look at it from various perspectives or else, we will end up solving part of the problem or worse.

From Jan 2016, I started my MS degree in Human Centred Computing from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Its where I learned all the design concepts in depth and got a lot of practical experience.

More information is available on my resume. Contact me if you want to discuss more about my experience or my work.

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